Copper Mesh For Distillation

In America, copper stills have been used for distillation since the 1600s. Copper improves the taste of fermented alcohol and has natural antimicrobial properties, making it a popular choice for whisky, rum or other liquor distillers. Even if your main still is not made out of copper, your equipment can still benefit from using copper parts. Central Wire Industries Tech-Mesh™ produces bulk knitted wire mesh in various copper alloys that can be used for reflux distilling.

Read on for some information regarding reflux distillation, the advantages of copper and purchasing/installing your knitted copper mesh.


Reflux distilling

Reflux distillation is a technique involving the condensation of the distilled product vapors and the return of some of the condensation to the distiller. Packing the column with a knitted mesh material creates a higher ABV or proof by causing a slight natural reflux action in the column.

Advantages of copper

Using a knitted copper mesh material for packing will create a higher alcohol by volume or proof. In addition, copper reacts with the sulfuric compounds formed during fermentation. Removing the sulfur will improve taste and create a better final product without compromising your ABV.

Copper Mesh

Purchasing and installing your knitted copper mesh

Our sales department at CWI Tech-Mesh™ is committed to helping you select the right knitted wire mesh material for your still. Based on your needed alloys, dimensions and densities, we can help you find the best packing material. Following our quick lead times and shipping, installation of the mesh is easy by loosely rolling a narrow strip of the material into a “plug” and inserting it into the reflux distiller column.


Consider a copper alloy for your liquor distillation needs. Copper mesh offers an ideal packing material for your reflux still. Copper removes harsh sulfuric compounds during fermentation, producing a better taste. Contact a knowledgeable CWI salesperson to select the best mesh before installing it in your still.

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