Antimicrobial Benefits of Copper Mesh

During the height of the coronavirus, new products flooded the market with materials that boasted cleanliness, sanitization and antibacterial properties. One of these renowned materials is copper.

Copper Mesh

Copper has long been known to have antimicrobial properties. Ancient Egyptians used copper for sanitizing wounds and drinking water. Copper and other red-metal alloys like brass, bronze, copper-nickel-zinc and cupronickel are natural antimicrobial materials. The bacteriostatic and sanitizing properties of copper and copper alloy surfaces have demonstrated that copper, in small quantities, has the power to control a wide range of molds, fungi, algae and other harmful microbes.


There is much research on the antimicrobial properties of copper. Much of these publications focus on medical surfaces like door knobs, handrails, counters, or faucets. As evidenced during the pandemic, consumers want products that can keep them safe and healthy. Following the research, it’s very possible that copper materials would slow or eliminate mold/mildew accumulation.


2021_06 mesh 7-1

When it comes to mesh products like demister pads or mist eliminators, cleanliness is critical to successful filtration. A plugged or fouled mist eliminator can compromise filtration. To ensure long-lasting products, consider a high-quality clean product like Central Wire Industries Tech-Mesh™ copper mesh. The copper mesh is available in bulk mesh or in custom demister pads in alloys such as C101, C102 or C110. Copper mesh can be used in industries and applications like environmental, filtration, food & beverage, refinery towers and more. Copper mesh is also able to withstand rust and other forms of corrosion.


Like all our knitted wire mesh products, our copper mesh is manufactured at our Houston, Texas location. These products are made using only the highest-quality alloys sourced from other Central Wire Industries locations across the United States. We will always work to meet your requirements so you do not have to settle for a predetermined specification. Not sure if CWI Copper Tech-Mesh™ will work for you? Contact our knowledgeable sales team to discuss your different options.

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