What is the Difference Between INCONEL® and MONEL®?

If you have visited the alloys page on our website, you may have seen the Nickel Specialty Series, INCONEL® and MONEL®, and wondered what the differences are. In general, they are heat resistant, and perform well in extreme conditions, making them adaptable to a wide range of applications. Though they both have nickel bases and their names may sound similar, their copper and chromium contents distinguish them above all else. Take a moment to learn about their strengths to determine the best option for you.

Nickel Specialty Series chartMONEL® is made with copper, which offers excellent corrosion resistance, especially in environments with exposure to acid or seawater. This feature makes MONEL® ideal for use in gasoline tanks and chemical processing equipment, among a variety of other applications. If you are working in sea or oil refineries, or if your equipment experiences exposure to harsh or acidic chemicals, you may want to consider a MONEL® alloy, such as MONEL® 400. For enhanced strength and hardness with the same superior corrosion resistance of alloy 400, we recommend MONEL® K500.

INCONEL® is made with chromium, which allows it to withstand even the most demanding applications. This alloy offers excellent oxidation resistance, especially in environments where high temperatures and gas exposure are concerns. These qualities make INCONEL® alloys an effective choice for drilling applications and oil or gas extraction where harsh conditions are a significant factor. Central Wire offers five different INCONEL® alloys — including 600, 601, 625, 718, and 825 — to help you find the perfect blend of heat resistance and corrosion protection for your application. To compare your options, visit https://centralwire.com/alloys/.

Whether you need spring wire, shaped wire, or fine wire in INCONEL® or MONEL® alloys, we have the capability to manufacture a product to your ideal specifications. For more information about the differences between these two specialty nickel alloys, visit the alloys page on our website, or contact us to speak to an expert.