Three Reasons to Use GD™ - SUPA® Slicklines from CWI

Working in oil or gas? Central Wire Industries has the slicklines you need to handle the harshest environments, both on and off-shore. We pride ourselves not only on our broad selection of alloys, but also on our high quality standards that makes GD™ - SUPA® Slicklines the most reliable wirelines in the industry. Our global positioning allows us to serve you across three different continents, ensuring quick turnaround and short lead times. Get the slicklines you need when you need them with GD™ - SUPA® products from Central Wire Industries.

all-list-slicklinesAlloy Selection
Our GD™ - SUPA® slickline wirelines are recognized around the world for their superior engineering, quality, and reliability. With eight different alloy options available, we have a solution for virtually any environment. Whether you need corrosion resistance for on-shore applications, or durability for off-shore operations, you can find the perfect slickline for your job at Do not forget to download copies of our data sheets so you can compare your options.

Superior Quality
Each slickline comes with a certificate of conformance, so you always know you are receiving the highest quality wirelines possible. This certificate not only provides comprehensive information about physical and mechanical properties, but it also specifies alloy chemistry and breaking load. Additionally, every line we produce can be verified to EN10204 standards by independent laboratories. Visit the Quality tab on our website for a complete breakdown of our testing standards and specifications.

Global Positioning
With slickline manufacturing in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, Central Wire Industries is globally positioned to serve you no matter where you are. Our worldwide network of distribution centers allows us to get you the products you need without waiting for long lead times and slow delivery, which means you do not have to sacrifice quality for speed.

To browse our full range of GD™ – SUPA® Slicklins, visit Begin a quote by filling out the form on our website, or by emailing our sales team at

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