Three Reasons To Source Your Welding Wire and Demister Pads Together

Looking to perform routine maintenance on chemical or petroleum processing equipment? Planning turnaround repairs and seeking an alternative to your current supplier? Hoping to simplify your purchasing process by ordering welding wire and demister pads together? Luckily, Central Wire Industries has all the knitted wire mesh and welding consumables you need to keep your rig operating at peak performance. By ordering all your turnaround supplies from CWI, you can reduce downtime, perform maintenance all at once, and work confidently knowing you are receiving only the highest quality products from a trusted manufacturer.

1. Reduce Downtime
Save time and streamline your purchasing process by ordering welding wire with your demister pads. Ordering your supplies from two different manufacturers can be time consuming and cost prohibitive, especially when lengthy lead times or production delays prevent products from arriving to the job site on time. Our convenient online quote form allows you to request information for multiple products, ensuring you are getting everything you need in one location. Our sales team is always available to answer questions via phone number, email, or chat service. Visit to get started.

Welding Wire and Mesh2. Perform All Necessary Repairs at Once
Do not let unexpected repairs set back your operation. Take some of the stress out of turnaround season by performing emergency and routine maintenance at the same time. Not only does this allow you to tackle unforeseen cracks, holes, or splits, but it also ensures you can replace old demister pads without pausing your operation twice. If you need assistance selecting the ideal welding wire or mesh pad for your operation, we have downloadable catalogs available on our website. For additional information about our range of alloys, visit

3. Trusted Quality
Central Wire Industries is a premier manufacturer of welding consumables and knitted wire mesh. The same quality you trust from demister pads, mist eliminators, and other mesh pads is also evident in our evolutionary CWI Generation4™ specialty alloy welding products. All our welding products come with a certificate of conformance, so you always know the exact physical and mechanical properties of your material. Our mesh pads are manufactured in America at our Houston, Texas location, and our engineers are available to help you fabricate a custom solution beyond just predetermined specifications.

For additional information about the products, visit the welding and knitted wire mesh pages on our website, or contact us. You can always reach our sales team directly by emailing or calling +1-800-435-8317.

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