Three Reasons to Source Your Oil & Gas Products From CWI is your number one source for all oil and gas wirelines. The CWI family of GD™ – SUPA® slickline is engineered for oil, gas, and geothermal applications. However, did you know you can also purchase welding, shaped, and spring wire via There are a few reasons why you should consider sourcing all your oil and gas products from Central Wire. To reduce downtime, ensure compatibility and perform all necessary repairs at once, purchase your slicklines, welding, shaped and spring wire through CWI.


Reduce Downtime


Consider shopping for welding wire, well screen wire and spring wire through CWI for ease during the quoting and purchasing process. Ordering your supplies from two or three different manufacturers can be time consuming and cost prohibitive, especially when lengthy lead times or production delays prevent products from arriving to the job site on time. Choose CWI as your one-stop-shop. Our sales team is always available to answer questions via phone number, email, or chat service. Contact us to get started.

Ensure Compatibility

Our dedicated engineering and sales team are experts in multiple types of wire products. If you need to ensure compatibility between the shaped wire in your well screen wire and slickline in your downhole operation, our team can help you find the best alloys, dimensions or coatings. If you need assistance selecting the ideal spring wire or welding wire for your operation, we have downloadable catalogs available on our website.


Perform all Necessary Repairs at Once

Do not let unexpected repairs set back your operation. Take some of the stress out of turnaround season by performing emergency and routine maintenance at the same time. This ensures you can replace old and failing equipment without pausing your operation twice. Choose high-quality products that are built to last to reduce and streamline the repair process.


When time and money count, source all your oil and gas wire products through Central Wire Industries. Reduce downtime, ensure compatibility and perform all repairs at once through CWI. For additional information about purchasing slicklines, welding, shaped and spring wire visit our website or contact us today. Connect with our sales team directly by emailing or calling +1-800-435-8317.

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