Three Considerations When Choosing Your Bar Stock

When it comes to bar stock, selecting the right product for you is crucial. Don’t settle for bar stock that is “good enough.” Your intended applications, bar material and size will help you determine the necessary stock to purchase. As you shop for your bar stock, consider the following items to select the right stock for your needs:


Bar stock can be used in various applications, and each require a slightly different product. Cold heading, hot heading and machining applications all use bar stock, but in slightly different forms. In addition, bar stock is used differently in automotive, aerospace, industrial and oil and gas industries. Our sales department can help you select the proper stock for your needs.

Select a sturdy bar stock that will hold up to your production processes. Different alloys can offer different advantages. At Central Wire, our bar stock is made in over 20 alloys. From standard 15-7 or 321 stainless steel to copper-based alloys or specialty alloys like Monel® 400 or Inconel® 600, we have a variety of materials to meet your needs.


Selecting the proper length, shape and diameter of your bar stock is key to a successful finished product. Using a bar that’s too wide or narrow, or too soft or hard, can create excess stress on the stock. Select a size that meets your exact specs. At Central Wire Industries, we manufacture bars up to .750 inches (19.05 mm) to your custom specifications for parameters such as tensile strength, Rockwell hardness, diameter tolerance and length. Our material is usually supplied to 12-foot random lengths. As required, our bars can be supplied centerless ground to meet high custom tolerances and high productivity.

Regardless of your application, material or size requirements, Central Wire Industries is prepared to manufacture bars that meet your specs, lead time and sourcing requirements. When considering bar stock supply for your business, consider a company that is raising the bar.