Three Applications for CWI Copper Wire

Central Wire Industries is well-known for producing mechanical wire and cable. However, several of our wire alloys are suitable for electrical applications. One of the best is copper, which has the highest electrical conductivity rating of all non-precious metals. Copper has high tensile strength, high ductility, and good corrosion resistance. Copper can be used in high-temperature ovens and furnaces, and in aerospace and medical applications.


Ovens and Furnaces

CWI produces resistance wire in a variety of alloys for extremely high-temperature applications such as heat-treating ovens and furnaces. This type of wire has high resistivity, which makes it better for short wire to convert electrical energy into heat. These ovens can be used to treat a variety of metals and glass to harden or soften a material through extreme heating and chilling. CWI resistance wire is available in copper nickel alloys, oxygen free copper, commercial bronze, brass, phosphor bronze and nickel silver alloys.


Galvanized or stainless steels are not the only options for aircraft wire and cable. Copper wire is an ideal choice for aerospace applications, especially for generators and data transfer parts. Because copper is also non-magnetic, this adds to its strictly electrical use and won’t damage or interfere with any of the flight equipment. Copper is malleable, conductible and corrosion resistant.


Copper wire is also suitable in mechanical applications, especially in the medical field. Our medical grade round or flat braiding wire stands for quality above all else. Fine wire is available in the full copper, bronze or brass alloy series. Central Wire is able to produce sizes from 0.001” (0.0254 mm) up to 0.032” (0.0812mm). Other sizes are available by request. We produce copper wire for applications in endoscopics, orthodontics, orthopedics, surgical closures, surgical instruments and vascular. For more information about our medical line, visit the Loos & Co Medical Technologies Division.


Consider CWI copper wire alloys for all your applications. When you need high resistivity for heat-treating ovens, select a copper. For non-magnetic wire for aerospace or precise fine wire for medical, a copper alloy can meet all those needs. Contact a Central Wire salesperson today to see what copper wire can do for you.