The Benefits of Spring Wire Coatings

Central Wire offers a full line of stainless steel and nickel spring wires with Techcote™, TechBrite™, Nickel Flash, and Copper with Soap coatings. These coatings offer a variety of aesthetic benefits, and enable a higher level of productivity by allowing the wire to process quickly with little to no additional lubricant. The soap and nickel coatings enhance the look and performance of the finished spring by maintaining superior corrosion resistance and bright finish over extended periods of time. This makes them perfect for use in aerospace, automotive, and other industrial applications. Here are a few distinct benefits of each type of coating:

TechBrite™ finish provides visual impact by imparting a mirror-like finish on bare bright drawn wire. We recommended TechBrite™ for applications that require a vibrant, lustrous appearance. TechBrite™ finish is available for wires ranging from 0.020” to 0.125” diameter.

Techcote™ is Central Wire’s proprietary soap lubricant coating. This nonmetallic lubricant enhances processing consistency while still offering easy removal. Techcote™ is available for wires ranging from 0.022” to 0.625” diameter.

Copper with Soap
Copper with soap is available on 0.020”to 0.625” diameter wires that are drawn with Techcote™. This coating applies the same durability and processing efficiency properties of other coatings to your formed copper wire.

Nickel Flash Coatings
Nickel coating performs well during processing because it provides improved lubricity. Its durability also yields effective corrosion resistance. Please contact us to inquire about availability.

Whether you are looking to impart a bright finish, or just increase production efficiency, Central Wire offers a complete selection of coatings to suit your needs. TechBrite™, Techcote™, Copper with Soap, and Nickel Flash coated spring wire is available in continuous reels up to 1,000 lbs, and suitable for a variety of different industries. For more information about CWI spring wire, visit or contact us.