Tech-Mesh: CWI Offers a New High-End Product for all your Mist Elimination Needs

CWI recently entered the demister manufacturing business—fully. Previously, we had been part of the industry as the provider of specialty alloy wire for other companies that make knitted mesh. Now we’ve acquired state-of-the-art equipment to use our high-quality wire to produce Tech-Mesh™, and from Tech-Mesh we can fabricate our own demisting products. Actually, we can fabricate your unique demister because we have the wire, the equipment, and the knowledge that will allow us to provide you with precisely what you need. 


This is exciting for Central Wire Industries because it’s an opportunity for us to work closely with the end user of our materials.


Liquid Extractor Expert

Our engineers, metallurgists, and welders stand at the ready to help clients determine what will best serve their needs and fit their equipment. Mick Causgrove, our technical sales pro in Houston, leads the team. Causgrove, is a chemical engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in separations technology. Causgrove speaks excitedly about several aspects of the new Tech-Mesh experience.

Mick Causgrove extractor expert, “My favorite thing to do is figuring out what (the customers) want the product to do.”

He relishes asking questions about droplet micron sizes and fan speeds. He wants to know about your process flow, operating conditions, and outlet specifications. He loves to solve the puzzle of combining wire diameters, shapes, and alloys. He’s prepared to make Tech-Mesh into your perfect liquid-from-vapor separator or a gas scrubber, getting you the highest liquid removal rates or efficiency levels possible.

Mick Causgrove is ready to demystify demisters.

Tech-Mesh can be used in many industries, including oil and gas, food, agriculture, building and construction, aerospace, and mining. CWI makes coalescers for refineries, filtration systems for environmental concerns, and ventilation for HVAC systems, indoor pools, and restaurants. Causgrove is thrilled by the variety; each industry will present its own needs and challenges. It could be pulling the liquids from the air, natural gas, or other vapor streams.

“We want to make sure the product is right for you,” says Causgrove. Sometimes a client will come knowing exactly the configuration he wants, with enough information for the CWI team to make a demister. But if given the opportunity to ask customers some questions about their goal, their equipment, and their needs, we can find the perfect product for them. After a series of questions to the client in the know, we can likely provide a better product for him as well.

The correct demister pad can potentially increase your profits via their profound efficiency. Causgrove has seen that happen before. One of his success stories involves an air and filtration system that recovers grease for a large food processor. It worked so well – better than expected – that the food processor hugely increased its sales of grease for bio-diesel conversion. It also lessened the amount of grease it released into the environment so much that it no longer paid discharge fees to the city. It’s the kind of good results Causgrove always works to achieve.


Get the Right Coalesce Answers

tech-mesh-threespools-1When you’re assisting with a project, Causgrove says, “You have to be able to understand the process it will be used for and apply the right solution. That comes with experience.” And sometimes a facility visit to see the situation. But Causgrove is up for that.

“If they ask, ‘Can you help me?’ I’m going to say ‘Yes. I can help you resolve your issue.’ It’s a conversation to determine what fits a client’s need. It’s not a form to fill out; it’s me,” he says.

“The internet can only help you so much. The Cliff Notes don’t tell the whole story. There’s always something else there; I can help fill in the missing parts to get you to the right application,” Causgrove says.

Tech-Mesh can be installed into liquid-liquid coalescers, absorbers, and knock-out drums. It can be a distiller or a separator and extractor of chemicals. With its separation ability, it can extract clean water, and that process can be used to generate clean energy such as biofuels.

And for the many agencies, manufacturers, and organizations that need to use U.S.-made products, CWI is the place to turn. Another point of pride for Causgrove and the Tech-Mesh team is that the product is made completely from American materials. CWI incorporates its U.S.-made welding wire, round bar, and knitting wire into Tech-Mesh. It meets Made-in-the-USA requirements or desires.

“Let us help you,” he says. He wants that to be the Tech-Mesh motto.

Surrounded by high-quality, American-made materials and equipment, with Mick eager to assist, we’re prepared to engineer your perfect coalescers, extractors, distillers, scrubbers, precipitators, or demister pads at

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