Our Slicklines

Need slickline? Our GD™ – SUPA® slickline is a product that we’d hate for well service operators to miss out on. This streamlines the search, order, and delivery process.


SUPA® and GD™ specialty alloys are well-known and long-standing quality names in oil and gas wireline applications. After acquiring these brands, we’ve used our metallurgical and engineering skills to continue to develop and improve the products. We’re proud to offer continuous weld-free lengths of up to 30,000 ft. (9144 m) that can withstand extremely challenging chemical conditions and heavy loads. Our online Material Guide product selector makes it easy to match a product to your specific well conditions.

Our slicklines are manufactured in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom from alloys designed to survive in the harsh and corrosive conditions that exist in oil, gas, and geothermal well environments. Many different alloys are available, including duplex stainless steels, austenitic and more. 

Understanding the urgency that often exists in drilling and production situations, we want customers to be able to find what they need quickly and easily. So here’s slicklines.com. “This direct product link recognizes that more and more slickline operators all over the world are remote, and they will benefit from direct information from a focused site,” says CWI Commercial Vice President Tom Dodds.


Offshore wireline operation

Slicklines.com is designed to be customer-friendly. We believe many of our customers, particularly when they are in the field, will find this new site a useful and convenient way to access the best wireline products available today. They can order slickline from their desk, lap, or hand, depending on the device they are using. And with representatives all over the world, CWI can quickly get them what they need, wherever they are, onshore or offshore.

“We want you to find us and get your slickline quickly because we know your time is money,” Dodds said. “And more importantly, we know that in the oil business, down time is money lost.”

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