No Demister Pad Is Too Large For Central Wire Industries

When it comes to wire products, Central Wire Industries is a globally positioned manufacturer with the capability to produce quality solutions for complex engineering challenges. We always welcome the opportunity to assist our customers with unique, custom, or large-scale projects that can keep their operations running at peak performance. Our Tech-Mesh™ line of knitted wire mesh products allow us to do just that, because they are always manufactured according to our customers’ specific needs, not just predetermined specifications. That means virtually every component, from wire grades and alloys to mesh densities and product geometries, can be customized. Here is an example of how an 11-foot diameter Tech- Mesh™ demister pad was custom built for one of our customers.

Large Inconel 625 Demister PadOur Houston, Texas facility recently produced a large, 132-inch OD mist eliminator for one of our customers in the renewable energy industry. It features 6 inches of mesh between its fully banded top and bottom support grids, and it was manufactured using all Inconel® 625 materials supplied by CWI locations. Fabrication was completed in approximately three weeks with the help of our skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable engineering team. This particular pad is intended for a high-pressure vessel, though we also have a larger, 178-inch OD version in process for one of the company’s low-pressure vessels. That pad will feature Inconel® 625 knitted wire mesh with carbon steel support grids.

No Tech-Mesh™ pad is too large or complex for our manufacturing team. No matter the size, our knowledgeable engineers are always available to help you craft the ideal demister pad for your specific requirements. With all of our core products produced in-house, we can even offer support when selecting wire grades. Simply contact our sales department at to get started, or call us at +1-800-435-8317. Visit the knitted wire mesh page on our website for additional information.

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