Lashing Wire by the Numbers

When choosing lashing wire, the numbers make a big difference. Lashing wire is used primarily in the telephone, cable television, and electric power industries to attach conductive aerial cables to support strands. With such specific use, one might think lashing wire is all the same, but because of the different environments it’s used in, different grades of stainless steel are used. Thus, the number differences.

lashing wire line crew

Stainless Steel 430 is a workhorse fit for many environments. But lashing wire is very exposed to the elements and so affected by it. The type of metal used can make a difference in the life of the wire.

lashing wire bulkFor instance, in coastal areas affected by salt and water in the air, the corrosion factor rises. Type 316 has a higher minimum nickel content (10%) plus molybedum, making it more resistant to humidity and salt. It is more expensive than 430, but the price difference is negated by having to re-lash less frequently.

Because of the chemical contaminants that become components of the air in industrialized areas, lashing wire faces a tougher fight against corrosion here too. Stainless Steel 316 is up to the challenge; however, a less expensive composition combination can be effective. Stainless Steel 302, with a lower nickel content and no moly, is an effective solution for many industrialized areas.

In addition to 430, 316, and 302, Central Wire Industries offers lashing wire in 304, copper, and other alloys to meet customers’ specific needs based on applications, which might not be typical, and locations.

Contractors are using lashing wire in more applications, such as construction, and lashing-wire alloys are used in the fabrication of pole line hardware. CWI’s lashing wire can be U.S.-made melt to the coil, making it a supplier of choice for government-funded infrastructure projects. CWI experts can help you determine the type of wire that would be best for your location, environment, and needs. Contact us or visit the lashing wire page for more information.