Introducing the New

At Central Wire Industries, we strive to provide our customers simple and streamlined websites to quickly and easily find the information they need most.

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Our product websites offer the most detailed wealth of information for our customers and industry partners. To better assist our customers in the oil and gas industry, we’ve redesigned our site to be better than ever. Read on to learn what’s new on, including useful accessory products, resources from our expert staff and accessibility advantages.

One Site For All

Our Slicklines website is your one source for slicklines, welding wire, spring wire and well screen wire. Instead of purchasing from two or three different retailers, save time and money and source your oil and gas needs from one trusted manufacturer. Our website offers individualized pages on adjacent wire products for turnaround and routine maintenance. A special page on FELCO wire cutting tools provides access to durable cable cutters to be used in tandem with CWI slickline.

Industry Resources

Use our website to learn more about oil and gas drilling. Our engineering and sales team worked together to provide expert resources like our blog, applications, usage guidelines and complementary downhole tools pages. Our Frequently Asked Questions page compiles the information we’ve learned over our 60 years in wire drawing. If you still have questions, contact a member of our team to chat about your slickline needs.

Mobile Access

When you’re traveling in the field or working on an off-shore rig, we know you’re making the best of the technology available. That’s why we considered it a priority to produce the to be 100% mobile and tablet-friendly. Take advantage of smart graphics, tables, and forms that automatically change to fill the available space of your device's screen.

Visit the new website today for all your oil and gas needs. We hope our collection of accessory tools, expert resources and ease of access meet all your wire needs. Our Materials Guide continues to be available in English and Spanish to start your ordering process. Or, touch base with our sales team today!

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