How To Maximize The Life Of Your GD™ Slicklines

Our corrosive resistant GD™ Slicklines are engineered to handle the harshest operating conditions, both on and off-shore. However, there are still small actions you can take to ensure your wireline performs to its highest potential. Using the correct pulleys, eliminating kinks, and performing frequent inspections will help maximize the life of your slicklines. Here are a few of our key recommendations.

Cover PhotoReplace Sheaves
Remember to always use appropriately sized sheaves for your GD™ Slickline. As a general rule, the sheave diameter should be at least 120x the outer diameter of your wire. Using a sheave that is too small causes the line to rotate around too small of a radius, thus triggering premature fatigue. This stress will ultimately shorten the cycle life of your slickline if it is not remedied. If you are using the correct size sheave but still experience premature fatigue, inspect your sheaves for issues with sticking, jarring, or heavily worn grooves. Any restriction that prevents the sheave from rolling smoothly will have adverse effects on the wire. Visit for replacement sheaves from Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware Division, another company within the Central Wire family. 

Reduce Kinking
Maintain the natural curvature of the wire to prevent kinks. Even if you are able to straighten the bend, kinking your slickline will cause permanent damage. That is why we recommend layer winding or smooth wrapping your slickline onto its winch drum, and maintaining constant tension during winding and respooling operations. This reduces the likelihood of small kinks, thus extending the life if your wireline.


Perform Inspections
One of the easiest and most effective ways you can maximize the life of your slickline is by regularly inspecting and maintaining it. This includes protecting it from abrasion damage by limiting its exposure to rough or jagged surfaces. Whenever possible, prevent the line from rubbing the side of drums, sliding along the ground, or dragging over shafts or other equipment. Cleaning the wire after each use makes this inspection process easier, and allows wear to be seen and addressed sooner.

When your slickline is finally ready for replacement, you can contact our sales team at, or by emailing directly to To learn more about our full range of alloys, visit the slicklines page on our website.

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