Perris, CA-based CWI Faces Prohibitive Cost for Infrastructure Expansion

November 5, 2021
For Immediate Release

From CEO & President Paul From:

Perris, CA-based CWI Faces Prohibitive Cost for Infrastructure Expansion

The Central Wire Industries facility in Perris, California is a long-standing employer in the area. Employees are given opportunities for advancement in a dynamic and creative manufacturing atmosphere. However, during a well-known period of hiring shortages, a monopolized company is attempting to stifle the growth of our southern California facility. Southern California Edison, Charter Spectrum, along with the Town of Perris, have proven ineffectual and non-cooperative as the facility tries to bring updated communication infrastructure to our plant. Based on their failure to present a reasonable solution, a longtime, high-wage paying employer is faced with paying, upfront, a total of 5 years’ worth of communication costs just to maintain its basic business operations in the 21st century.


Specifically, we’re being asked to pay $150,000 just to complete the installation of the last 1,000 feet of an underground cable.

I would rather spend $150,000 on more machines and employees than give it away to a company to dig a trench and lay a cable. We are doing aerospace work, investing, and hiring more people, but before that we need basic infrastructure to help us grow the business. Central Wire will unfortunately have to reduce that investment just to keep ourselves connected to our global marketplace.

People looking to locate or expand their business, particularly in Perris, really need to do their homework before they invest here.

Manufacturers in mission-critical industries like medical, aerospace and military should not be charged exorbitantly for basic information services. This example is just another tough challenge our company is facing in a competitive global environment. It’s a shame that the challenge is coming from our own community. We have to expect better from America.

Please contact me for further information via email at or phone at 613-326-3001.


Paul From

President and CEO of Central Wire Industries