Copper Mesh for Environmental Filtration

CWI Tech-Mesh™ filters are often used to control air pollution. They trap and manage potentially hazardous mist, while still allowing clean vapor to rise. This is integral to effective environmental filtration. Like you, we are committed to a cleaner world. Because of that, we’re proud to offer bulk mesh or demister pads for environmental filtration in a multitude of dimensions and alloys.

Oil or water mist in exhaust systems is potentially a health and environmental hazard. When the mist or exhaust gas passes through the wire mesh, the mist moves freely while the liquid droplets adhere onto the surface of the wires and build into larger droplets which fall due to gravity. Our products remove toxic gas, oil mist and sulphuric acid gas with a removal efficiency as much as 99 percent.

Knitted copper mesh is an ideal choice for environmental filtration because of its strength and corrosion resistance. Our knitted mesh can be used in multiple industries for air filters, breathers and separators.



Air Filters

In its simplest form, knitted wire acts as a filter. Because of its antimicrobial properties, copper is a wise choice for air filtration. From home air purifiers to hospital HVAC systems, wire mesh is a key component in filtration systems. Not sure what’s the best copper alloy for your filter? Chat with our dedicated sales team to learn about the benefits of copper filtration.



Your car’s breather pipe allows its internal combustion engine to vent crankcase pressure out of the engine. By venting pressure out of the crankcase, the engine’s piston rings have a better seal. Knitted copper mesh is a key component of the breather to allow clean air to flow through the block.



In your vehicle, the vent oil separator is designed to remove excess gases from oil before it enters the combustion chamber. Knitted wire mesh within the separator removes these extra gases so the fuel burns clean and pollutants are kept at bay.


Consider a knitted copper mesh material for your environmental filtration needs. From medical to automotive industries, copper is an ideal choice for multiple applications. Air filtration is made easier with a hygienic alloy like copper. For corrosion-resistant filtration within an automotive system’s breather or separator, consider a copper Tech-Mesh™ alloy. Our sales department is here to help you answer any questions you may have about Central Wire Industries’ red metals.

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