CWI Tech-Mesh™: Improved Support Frames

With several product line expansions conducted this past year, we have made innovation a priority at Central Wire Industries. Earlier in the year, Central Wire completed our first order of 18 CWI Tech-Mesh™ mist eliminators with a new variation of support frames installed.


What Are "Channel Frames" and How Can They Help Me?

Our team has now dubbed these new and improved demister pads “channel frames” because of the frame on the outside of the CWI Tech-Mesh™. These frames can easily slide into and out of a channel. During maintenance with the original type of pads, the mesh is on the outside of the standard frame, leaving the potential for this mesh to easily get caught or snagged. The ease of access provided by our new channel frame design makes the maintenance process much more efficient by eliminating that common inconvenience.

Mick Causgrove, our Technical Sales Professional in Houston, leads the team for CWI Tech-Mesh™. Causgrove is an oil and gas expert with more than 15 years of experience in separations technology.

“We've spent more than a year perfecting our knitted wire mesh and are looking forward to another summer of successful sales,” he says. “Our mist eliminators housed in these channel frames are another option that’s a preferred choice by many of our customers.”

These channel frames were delivered to a wastewater treatment plant, however, this variation of Tech-Mesh™ is also a staple in HVAC systems, where incoming air has some humidity removed and some solids filtered out, and refinery towers, where liquid mist is removed from the exhaust streams, as well as any other application that may require more maintenance than usual.

“Our ability to provide customers flexible options and full customization of our products is our ultimate goal,” Causgrove said.

Central Wire Industries can and will accommodate to our customer’s needs. For more information on custom CWI Tech-Mesh™ Mist Eliminators, visit or contact us via email at or via phone at 800-325-5861.

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