Buying the Right Welding Wire to Avoid Expensive Failures

Every welding project needs the proper tools, especially when it comes to welding consumables. The wrong welding wire will cause poor lines when flow fronts fail to mesh together. This can lead to weak spots or even holes in your work. Selecting the right product for your specific job is essential to ensuring a successful finished product. At Central Wire Industries, we’ve created a welding wire specifically for pipe overlay welding. The GEN 625LHIW welding wire boasts clean and consistent melting and better penetration and bonding. Choose products with quality assurances. Protect yourself against costly welding failures by following these three tips:

welding wire 4

Save Money by Buying the Proper Welding Wire
Even the best quality product will fail when used in improper applications. To avoid that possibility, select a welding wire that’s specific to your intended use. For example, our GEN 625LHIW welding wire was made specifically for pipe overlay in the oil and gas, cladding, industrial furnace hood repair and other industrial sectors by pipe overlay manufacturers. To s
ave time, money and headaches, choose the right product the first time.

Refined Chemistry
The GEN 625LHIW welding wire was created with science in mind. Improved penetration and bonding rates without losing chemistry is one of the main benefits of this wire. The material has an improved welding dilution with better flow. Additionally, this wire melts clean and pure with unmatched consistency.


Choose Quality
All CWI welding products are supplied with a certificate of conformance stating physical and mechanical properties including alloy chemistry. Every welding product is manufactured to have its own unique lot identification number for full lot traceability. Choose CWI Generation4 ™ Nickel Welding consumables, like the GEN 625LHIW, for their proven performance, and let us show you the value that quality, experience, and customer support can provide.

Choosing the right product from the beginning is key to a successful weld. Products should be selected based on the welding application, like the GEN 625LHIW welding wire that’s made specifically for pipe overlay. This wire produces better flow rates at lower heat inputs, which improves feedability, consistency and weld integrity. Finally, select a product with stringent quality controls. At CWI, the reliability of our products save money over time.