An Overview of Our New Articulated Robot Arm

CWI through its company Loos recently invested in new technology that will improve the efficiency of our custom machining process. Like so many of our recent investments, this investment in robotic technology is part of CWI's plan to continually improve manufacturing processes. The three main features of our articulated robot arm are its ability to perform more reliable operation, create process consolidation, and reduce lead time. All of these benefits contribute to smoother and faster production, allowing us to create even more value for customers in terms of increased product consistency, improved supply chain reliability, and shorter order to shipment times on custom products.

Process Consolidation:

One of the main tasks of our robotic arm is to move precision components in and out of production equipment. It seamlessly loads and unloads pallets of tool blanks to be machined, streamlining the process and reducing time, resources, and man-power. Alongside the general abilities of an articulated arm to sort, stack, and transfer products between pallets, our robot arm was also explicitly designed to perform the primary machining for the jaws of a few types of our hand swaging tools, allowing it to accommodate a variety of different functions. Our new robot technology has greatly improved the speed at which we can provide product solutions to customers by consolidating production.

Reliable Operation:

One of the main features of our robotic arm is that it can operate unattended with a high level of accuracy and tight tolerances. This allows our facility to increase manufacturing capacity while simultaneously minimizing human error. Through programming software, we are able to replicate reliable machining results time after time, ensuring you receive only the highest quality finished products. As a result, we can close traditional non-value added gaps in our process throughput and keep products moving through the multiple processes as scheduled.

Reduced Lead Time:

One of the main benefits of our robotic arm is increasing accuracy and throughput, resulting in the ability to better combat production delays. As a result, we can now move custom precision products faster than ever before, reducing lead times to our markets and customers, and reducing supply chain risk where we can. With these types of investments, we look forward to continuing to out-deliver our competitors,  provide products sooner with fewer headaches, and continue to increase the value of Loos; products to the market. With service and support at the forefront of our focus, we will continue to invest in technologies and resources that benefit our customers directly. 

If you have any questions about our products, this new technology, or any other general inquiries, please reach out to us by phone at +1-613-267-3752 or email at