330 Stainless Steel: Heat resistant properties for portable heaters

As fall approaches, many businesses, most notably restaurants, bars, and other entertainment spaces, are looking for ways to extend their outdoor season. One quick and effective way to do this is by installing outdoor portable heaters to keep guests comfortable as the temperatures drop. Along with the installation of temporary outdoor structures, portable heaters create the opportunity for extended outdoor dining and activities by converting patio and deck spaces to room temperature for a longer entertainment season.

330 Stainless SteelWhile portable heaters come in many different styles and use many different fuels, safety remains a true concern for these devices. As they product heat, the proximity to materials (such as the tents or other temporary structures) and guest themselves is a real concern. Most portable heaters are equipped with a grate or guard to minimize the risk of burns or fires. These guards are made from stainless steel wire welded together in a grid. And the most effective stainless steel alloy for this application is 330 grade stainless steel.

330 stainless steel  (also know as Alloy 330 or UNS N08330) offers temperature and corrosion resistance well above that of regular steel and other 300 series stainless steels. With a high nickel and chromium content, 330 stainless steel can resist sustained heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit without creating scale. This heat resistance means 330 stainless steel will hold its shape under the continuous heat of a portable heater, without fear of the material warping, deforming, or otherwise losing its ability to protect people and property from burns or flame.

330 Stainless steel is a versatile alloy that is used in applications beyond portable heaters. Thermal transfer, power production, furnace enclosures, annealing equipment, and other high temperature processes utilize this alloy. welding wire6

If you are searching for a portable heater, be sure to check the grade of steel being used on the cover, grate, or other barrier surrounding the heat source. If you are specifying for production of these parts, make sure to choose 300 Stainless steel. And if you are sourcing stainless steel for your portable heater production, look no further than Central Wire Industries.

Central Wire offers a broad range of stainless steel alloys, including 330, from stock at many of its global locations. To learn more about the alloys we offer, visit our Alloys page to review stainless, nickel , and copper alloy properties and availability. To send an inquiry, visit our website to submit an inquiry form or email us directly at sales@centralwire.com. We will be happy to help you select the proper alloy for your application and provide you with the competitive pricing and quick delivery you need.