6 Ways We Ensure Cold-Heading Material Consistency

CWI’s cold-heading material is used to make fasteners for the aerospace industry.
The quality of every little part of an item increases the reliability of the completed project. Bolts may be among the smallest parts of an airplane, but no traveler wants to hear that low-end or faulty ones were used. Here at Central Wire Industries, we appreciate the importance of the small parts to which we contribute via cold-heading material and bar stock.

cold heading fasteners

Among our offerings are profile wire, ultra-fine wire, wire rope, and aircraft cable; our wire is used in fasteners, cable, and cable assemblies. Those fasteners and cables are used widely, worldwide, in industries that include automotive, aerospace, medical, and marine. If we are your OEM, you can count on the quality of the product you receive.

Different final products need to meet different specifications. We can provide materials for highly specific mil-spec applications that require U.S.-made materials. All our materials will meet your high-quality standards.

cold heading testing

Having the most recent ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications help us ensure our quality also equals consistency. This matters from beginning to the end of the formation of a product. The quality and consistency of the steel matter in the quality and consistency of an airplane or car. At CWI our products must pass multiple checks.

For cold-heading materials, for example, we ensure material consistency in seven ways:

  1. Mechanical testing measures tensile strength
  2. Analysis verifies coating consistency and performance under pressure
  3. Microscopy evaluation for grain structure and surface quality
  4. Onsite positive material identification
  5. DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) compliance
  6. Heavy duty bar stock packaging


cold heading analysis The material polishing machine prepares product samples for grain analysis and surface quality verification.


We also offer special high-quality protective paper and plastic shrink wrap to produce your order. Additionally, at any stage in the process, from planning to packing, CWI experts will work with you to create quality designs of products and packaging to fit your exact needs. Reach out to us for quality service and wire.